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Friday, May 15, 2009

A Trip to Michigan

So, our trip to Michigan (all the way back in February) was a fun trip...though it would have been more fun if Cathy didn't have to go to work instead of on vacation. But we had a great time visiting with Aunt Faith, Conor, Collin, and Aidan.

Eve, Jonah, and Cate Using The Force (and/or The Dew)
Aidan demonstrating the appropriate method of dispatching one's enemies

Collin, and Conor at the Playland/Coffee Shop (literally fun for the whole family)

Conor threatens the Triplets whilst Aidan awaits orders from the Dark Lord

Eve's weapon of choice

Cate smiles before she runs you through

Jonah finds his calling

Aunt Faith and Jonah deep in discussion

Jonah, Eve, and Cate re-enact conception

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