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Saturday, April 5, 2008

We finally made it to the beach...

We went to Jacksonville on Sabbath afternoon (March 29, 2008) so that we could go to the Jax Zoo on Sunday. So, since we were in Jacksonville on Sabbath Night without much to do, we headed over to Ponte Vedra Beach and went for a little walk. The sand was a bit softer than we first thought and Cathy was so amused by watching me push the stroller over the soft sand the first time that she decided to film me going back over.

But, besides the softness of the sand, the babies had no idea what we were doing or where we actually were, but they humored us. We took some pictures, took some video and picked up some tiny shells to commemorate the event.

Cate has a tendency to hold her breath (or just gasp uncontrollably) when the wind blows in her face...after about ten minutes in the breeze by the ocean, she decided it was okay to breath again. Jonah and Eve just laid back and took it in (like they had much of a choice) and Cathy and I enjoyed the walk on the beach...a bit different than we may have experienced in the past, but there is something amazing about being there when someone (in this case, three someones) gets to experience something brand new. I can't believe that God has blessed us this much.

Puffs for everyone...

We've had a week of a couple more firsts...minor firsts maybe, but fun ones to watch. Cate, Eve and Jonah all seemed a little hesitant (if not a bit disgusted) with the peach flavored puffs. They each tasted their puff, looked confused and then swallowed. When they tried the second puff, that's when it got a little more interesting. They each made the "I'm gonna hurl" face, moaned briefly and then made it clear that they were done with the puffs for now. We'll try again soon.

Sea World, Jax Zoo, a walk and our First Fruit Puffs

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