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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Answer to Our First Poll

The question was...

How many diapers/day do you think we use?

The answer is...

*12 - 14

Please participate in our new poll as we will soon reveal yet another intriguing numerical mystery from the House of Camenga.

*under normal circumstances assuming that none of the children are sick or have had unauthorized and unsupervised access to the nursery for a period of time greater than 30 seconds per incident.

Our Brevard Zoo Advenure

Giraffe in Timeout

Last Monday, we picked up Gramma Lin in Daytona and headed south to the Brevard Zoo. We saw lots of fun and interesting things, but this giraffe was my favorite. He was in "timeout" because he ran off the other giraffes and, apparently, he had been swinging his head at visitors. Unfortunately, I didn't get any footage of the head swinging but, it was still very cool to gets this close.