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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Big Adventure

After our Holiday Season settled down and following our trip to the Magic Kingdom, things got crazy for us.

Something that we had been discussing off and on for the past 8+ years finally came to fruition.  And so, we have moved to the outskirts of Charleston, WV.  Cathy is back in the classroom teaching at the tiny Valley High School in Smithers, WV and Johnmark has given up working with other people's children and now stays at home with his own.

It has been a very busy couple of months for us filled with many questions and fewer answers, but we are now in the land of Coal and Camo (short A, long O), starting to find our way once again.

God is gracious and we have discovered that He is very much present no matter where you find your feet.


Lifesong... said...

We miss yoooooooouuuuuu guyyyyysssss!

Micah Preston said...

WOW!! Had no idea you guys moved! Hope things settle down for you quickly and you find a soft place to land in WV.

Susana said...

Bummer! Wish we could have seen you before you left! Best of luck in WV and Cathy - hope you are re-adjusting to life in the classroom!

Perry and Amanda said...

Congrats and wow

david kim and anthony said...

we wish you good luck on this new adventure! the kids are so big!

pethtelfamily said...

I was wondering when you were finally going to post the news about the big move. I guess we will be making some kind of trip up your way to bring that wagon. I know JM will need it now that he is on full time daddy duty! Love you guys!